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Colletti won’t rule out Halladay, prefers reliever

Dodgers GM Ned Colletti was interviewed on Sirius XM Radio earlier today by Seth Everett and Jim Duquette.

Asked about whether or not the Dodgers rotation still needs upgrading:

"If we’re assuming that everybody’s healthy from here on out, I would say that our top priority would be a bullpen piece, especially somebody with veteran stature. I think that would be No. 1. If we can find a starter that’s obviously better than who we have starting now, that would be No. 2. The number of names that have been tossed around out there that we’ve made contact with clubs that would definitively make our starting rotation better…it’s a very, very short list. It might be a longer list in the bullpen. We’re concentrating on both, and hopefully will be able to do one if not both between now and July 31."

Asked if a trade for Roy Halladay would be too expensive and if he would take the Dodgers out of the running:

"Whenever you have a player that is of that caliber, the price better be high. It deserves to high. It better be high. Is it too high? Well, we’ll know if it’s too high, the world will know if it’s too high in another three-plus weeks. Any time you’re talking about people who are at the top of a profession and what they do, and if they’re going to get moved by and large although you do have salary issues that come into effect now more than they have in the past because of the economy and the instability of the financial world, it’s still an expensive get talent-wise because there’s not many people that are as good as he is."

Asked to evaluate Juan Pierre as bench insurance or a trading chip:

"It’s a very interesting dynamic. First of all, I got more respect for Juan Pierre than pretty much any player I’ve ever been around for a long, long time. Without Juan Pierre, this team does not survive the 50 games of Manny. He brings so much to the club. He’s here early every day. He works hard. He loves to play. He is an everyday player.

"When Manny came back, everyone said, ‘Well, we won’t see Juan Pierre again.’ Well, we’ve seen Juan Pierre every game since Manny came back. I think Joe’s comfort level with Juan is such that we’ll continue to see more and more of Juan Pierre."

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